Options for a Copier Lease in Miami

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Small Business

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There are many advantages and options when it comes to copier lease in Miami. There are leases for small businesses and those for larger companies, as well as those for the company that is interested in leasing to purchase.

As a company looks at the options and evaluates their needs, it will become clear what the best options are. Even if you are a small business, you may be running twice as many copies a month just by reason of the type of business you have. If you are an established company, you have a good idea of how many copies you run. You would also need to figure in if it’s used for the printers.

Fair Market Value Lease

The fair market value lease is the most popular copier lease in Miami. This lease is the one companies that want to spend the lease amount of cash over the course of an average lease period choose. If at the end of the lease your company decides it wants to purchase the copier machine, the price would be at fair market value. The lease company and your company will have to come to an agreement what the fair market value is because the lease does not state a particular amount.

Dollar-Purchase Option Lease

Government offices often want another type of lease agreement for a copier lease in Miami. This option is called a dollar-purchase option lease. At the end of the lease, the company can buy the equipment for $1. The lease may be for two years or five years, but at the end, it can be the property of the company that leased it for $1.

Another option with this lease agreement is a 10 percent purchase option that sets the value of the equipment at the lease’s start. This is in a separate document. The 10 percent purchase price is 10 percent of the original value at the end of the lease. If the equipment you are renting is an expensive, high-end production style that holds its value better, this is a good viable option.

The dollar-purchase option lease for a copier lease in Miami carries with it a higher price per month, but the advantage is companies can depreciate the equipment so part of the payments will be used for tax purposes.

As with any lease, cover all your bases so you know exactly what you are receiving for the monthly price of the lease agreement.