Making an Informed Choice on Materials for Shower Enclosures

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Home Repair

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In almost every bathroom, the shower is the main point of focus. For the shower enclosures, tiles or pre-fabricated inserts can be used. The style should reflect the general needs of the house owner. A designer is supposed to examine the entire bathroom area and come up with a style that blends with it. The design team at shower enclosures Cherry Hill can assist clients with making a choice.

Useful tips on choosing between ceramic tiles and prefabricated inserts:

* Inserts used on prefabricated shower enclosures are cheaper. Besides, one can pick from a wide choice of designs and colors. It takes less time to install them, normally 2 days. On the other hand, ceramic tiles are the most desirable. They are made from high quality material and appeal to the eye.

* Tiled shower enclosures look elegant and allow for flexibility in design. Placement of tiles can be experimented with from different fronts to create unique looking designs. With prefabricated inserts, there is no flexibility. The way you see it is how it will appear on your bathroom. Shower enclosures Cherry Hill will design a perfect enclosure based on the material you want.  

* For more variety, you can choose to combine the two materials. Start by having the prefabricated inserts as the base. They can be placed on the floor which is also known as a shower base. Put the tiles on the wall to achieve the combined effect. Such shower enclosures do have a custom look. The choice of whether to have a tiled shower enclosure or prefabricated one depends on a homeowner’s needs.

* The beauty about prefabricated inserts is that they are always ready to install. They are manufactured in a way that once you buy them there are no pre-installation procedures to be undertaken. Tiled shower enclosures have to be constructed from scratch. In case of renovations, the prefabs score highly especially if they are the acrylic or fiberglass type. Tiles must be removed entirely and replaced.

* Shower enclosures Cherry Hill understands the dynamics of showers. The bathroom is one place where a person needs to feel relaxed and comfortable. Its aesthetic appeal provides a wholesome showering experience. Like other rooms in the house, a lot of attention ought to be given to a bathroom area. The design team consisting of carpenters, tile layers and masons, work together during the initial construction of the house. They may also be called in during bathroom renovations.

* Whether the house is under construction or you are building a new shower enclosure, the final product depends on your taste, color choice and budget. Go for what you feel is affordable and have an experienced person build it for you.