Learning the Pros and Cons of Fuel Oil

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Business

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The market place is filled with numerous manufacturers and service providers offering furnace installation, repair, and replacement solutions. Selecting the right furnace configuration, proper ductwork, insulation, and maintenance will help one to save on energy bills. In general, furnaces do not encounter major repairs in the long run provided that they are maintained properly.

Advantages of Fuel Oil Furnace

A furnace is classified based on the type of fuel used. Fuels that may be used for furnace are gas, fuel oil, coal and electric ignition. Furnace running on fuel oil requires little maintenance. Typically, furnaces that use fuel oil in New Canaan would last for an approximate of 15 years. It is safer than gas-fired furnace and does not produce carbon monoxide. It can be used for heating water too.

Fuel oil furnace uses oil that is similar to kerosene or diesel. It is mostly used in the country side where the availability of natural gas is limited. The fuel oil prices are affected by global crude oil prices and, hence, they fluctuate each day; further, the price varies from place to place. This type of furnace is used predominantly during the months of October to March. The fuel tank is placed above the ground or underground. Underground tanks are larger capacity tanks than those tanks that are above the ground. That’s why frequent filling of the underground tank is not necessary during winter months. Fuel oil companies in New Canaan offer prepaid delivery prices. The price of fuel oil would be lesser in summer and fall when compared to the winter months. It is therefore recommended to have enough stock before the winter starts.

Fuel oil companies in New Canaan supply oils automatically through the use of trucks. Automatic delivery is done by analyzing the customer’s consumption. Fuel oil furnace tanks can be easily retrofitted. One of the commonly used retrofit is vent damper. Vent damper is added as a retrofit for existing furnaces. Some of the retrofits actually save consumption of oil. Old tanks are also changed over a period of time. It will require local approval to remove the tank. Tank must be empty prior to removal.  After removing the tank, the place would need landscaping and oil cleaning. Size of the home is an extremely important factor in selecting the right furnace. If a larger furnace is selected, the rooms would be heated too much and could cause difficulty in breathing. The solution to the problem is to minimize the size of the nozzle. The fuel oil converts all energy into fuel and the conversion rate is much higher than other fuels. Proper installation and duct work saves a considerable amount in your energy bill.

Fuel oil companies in New Canaan provide emergency assistance and support services to customers. They also provide inputs as to the right furnace type. They assist customers to choose the right furnace for their homes and business establishments. They also ensure proper ductwork to prevent loss of heat. They provide complete solution to customers by finding the right furnace configuration to set up and install. As part of the maintenance process, fuel oil furnace requires regular changing of fuel filter.