Laundry Bags Make for Easy Backdoor Sales

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Shopping

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If you’ve run a laundry facility for a long time, you’ve run into at least one instance of someone bringing their clothes to be washed in tattered garbage bags. After removing their newly washed and dried clothing from the machines, they stuff them straight back into garbage bags where they may not be securely contained. This isn’t just an unsightly mess, it presents an easy sale for business owners through the sale of fabric laundry bags.

All Kinds of Laundry Bags

There’s a wide assortment of laundry bags for sale to commercial wash owners. These come in many sizes and colors, often made of more than one kind of material, and are for sale in bulk. For outfits that make a side business out of washing and drying people’s laundry for them, one consistent color of bag is best. If, however, you are purchasing bags to sell to your customers, go out on a limb and take advantage of rainbow collections.

Most laundry bag sets are available in groups of 12. A dozen bags can cost a total of $30 or less. You can always pass that price straight along to your customer. While you won’t make much, if anything, you can consider it an investment in your reputation. No one should have to show up to the laundromat with their things stuffed into garbage bags, and no one should have to risk them falling apart on the way home. Alternatively, you can offer the bags for sale for a small profit per unit.

The Best Bags for Making Profits

Heavy-duty nylon bags are generally priced low enough for affordability, while still being made of durable materials. Bright and bold colors, in addition to bright white, are popular choices for laundry bags bought on the fly. People who don’t need them immediately will pick them up because of affordability and pleasing aesthetics.

Before buying a huge amount of bags, ask your supplier for a type of sample. Ensure the bags are high enough in quality to prevent customers from returning to plastic a few months later. You don’t want to encourage them to switch out one plastic solution for another. As important as it is for laundry bags to be priced affordably, it’s doubly important that no one walks away feeling swindled.

There are many ways of making extra profits when you run a laundromat. Providing high quality laundry bags is just one of them. Others include selling snacks and drinks through vending machines, offering detergent, stain sticks and dryer sheets and providing a coin-operated phone for people to stay connected to friends and family while they’re in your shop.