How to Identify the Harley Davidson emblem for your car

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Automobiles

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An emblem or a symbol is a pictorial representation of an idea, concept, person or brand. Harley Davidson is an American motorcycle manufacturing company that was initiated in 1906 by friends William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson. Harley- Davidson is abbreviated as H-D or sometimes as Harley. The company has stood the test of time such as the Great American Depression and competition from Japanese manufacturers.

    The H-D emblem can be recognized because of its popularity among the masses. Their logo is a shield with the words “Motor” on top and “Cycles” at the bottom of the shield. “Harley-Davidson” is written in capital letters and placed within a rectangular box, it runs along the front of the shield. This often includes outstretched wings beginning from the middle of the shield. This emblem distinguishes it from other manufacturers and brands and helps it to gain popularity among the masses. The H-D or Harley is not just a manufacturer but a fashion trend to be followed by many blind fashion followers. Sporting this emblem will give you an iconic feeling  and also give you a stylish look. Its one of the most trusted companies that people even today look up to when they decide to get their motor cycles. They have a brand identity of their own thus having them in your car will not only make your car look stylish it will also mean that you are a part of the great Harley Davidson Community.

    Different types of Harley decals can be found in the market these days because the brand still has held its reigns in the market. It is also accessible easily through the online medium as retailers want to get these  emblems on car decals and kits easily available to the enthusiasts of the brand. Harley decals and kits for the cars are also available. There are different types of car decals such as the window graphics, full side decals and hood decals. Window graphics are see through decals which are placed on the windows of the car, you can have your H-D emblem on your car window to block the sunlight and prevent the interiors of your car from fading. Full side decals are placed at the side of the car. They usually run along the full length of the side of the car. They help in adding a style statement to the car. You can also get matching decals with the Harley Davidson emblem on it for the hood of your car.