How Botox Works

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Health and Medical

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Botox treatments began in the 1980’s by doctors who were trying to treat optic muscle issues.  By 2002, it was given the stamp of approval by the FDA to treat moderate to severe lines between the eyebrows.  Since then, the popularity of Botox has increased and become one of the top nonsurgical cosmetic procedures performed yearly.  Botox in Santa Fe has been approved to treat various medical conditions along with eradicating crow’s feet, frown lines and furrows in the forehead.   Medically, it has been shown to treat ocular muscle spasms, eye coordination problems and armpit perspiration.

Botox is not a filler that adds volume.  Instead, it releases a chemical called acetylcholine that triggers muscle contractions and paralyzes the muscles to keep them from contracting.  Within one week, you will see visible results that last three months or longer.  Someone who has been trained to do them correctly can administer these treatments in a medical spa or doctor’s office.  Recently, Botox parties in people’s homes have become more popular, but this is not advised because the procedure can be messed up if not performed correctly.

Botox in Santa Fe usually involves a local anesthesia or numbing cream to decrease discomfort.  You might still feel it, but the needles are so thin and fine that injections are usually painless.  Depending on what needs to be done, the procedure can take just a few minutes or up to 20 minutes.  The person who administers the injections needs to be able to select the correct point in order for it to be successful.  The points are located where the muscle contracts and the Botox filler is injected into the points under the skin.

With Botox in Santa Fe injections, you should not have any down time, but may be advised to stay out of the sun for a short period of time.  Side effects of Botox are minimal.  Several different types of physicians perform Botox injections.  These include board certified plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons and dermatologists.  A physician that has good knowledge of facial anatomy and the best place to inject to get the best results should perform them.  Your risks increase if you receive injections from someone who is unskilled.

In summary, Botox carried out by a knowledgeable physician can be beneficial to eliminating your wrinkles.  It is not a permanent fix, which is good if you have the procedure done and do not like it.  You should research providers in your area to find a qualified person to do the injections correctly and effectively.