Ways Cosmetic Dentist In Suffolk County Can Help You Regain A Beautiful Smile

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Dental

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If you are seeking a cosmetic dentist in Suffolk County, chances are you are unhappy with the way your smile looks. When someone is embarrassed about the look of their teeth they often try to avoid laughing and smiling in front of other people for fear of judgment. If you are someone who would like to have a beautiful restored smile that can help you start making great first impressions, a cosmetic dentist in Suffolk County may be able to help you. The following are a few different techniques a cosmetic dentist may use to fix your smile.

One technique a cosmetic dentist in Suffolk County may use is bonding. Bonding is used to fix things such as a chipped tooth, discoloration on teeth, fill in a gap between teeth and much more. For instance, if your one of your front teeth is chipped, using a bonding agent a dentist can fill in the gap and reshape the tooth to a natural looking shape. A bonding can even be colored to match the natural look of the tooth, making it seem like there was never a chip at all. Another example of when bonding is useful is when you have a discoloration spot on a tooth, the majority of the tooth is one color with a small spot that is dramatically a different color. Bonding can cover over the discolored spot and match it to the color of the rest of the tooth.

Secondly, a cosmetic dentist in Suffolk County can help you brighten your smile. Having your teeth bleached is very common in this day and age. It can help yellow or otherwise stained teeth become vibrant and white in as little as a week. Typically a dentist will first examine your teeth looking for any cavities, fillings that need to be replaced, and check to see how sensitive your teeth are. That way your dentist can give you the proper whitening treatment without causing any damage to the nerves in your teeth. One type of whitening treatment your dentist may have you use, is an in home bleaching tray that is custom fitted to your mouth and he or she will instruct you on how to use the whitening gel. This type of treatment may take one to two weeks, but can help you achieve a dramatically whiter smile.