How a Montessori School Can Help Your Child

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Reference and Education

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When searching for the best child care center Oak Ridge NJ has to offer, you will find many options available. Among them is Alpine Montessori. This school uses the Montessori Method created by Dr. Maria Montessori in early 20th century Italy. This method takes advantage of a child’s ability to absorb the environment around them at a tremendous capacity. Children learn in a classroom setting that is prepared for independent working and concentration that will help young students develop social, intellectual, and physical skills that they will use throughout life.

What Makes the Montessori Method Work?

Alpine Montessori offers education to preschool and kindergarten-aged children. Classrooms adapt to a child’s world regarding size, interests, and pace. As a child care center Oak Ridge NJ has available, the school is designed with comfort and safety in mind.

Montessori schools offer a unique educational setting with eye-catching, stimulating equipment. Children are allowed to choose activities freely within this child-size environment. Boys and girls are both encouraged to work in small groups or alone while sitting on floor mats or at tables. The idea is to learn by doing. Children learn by using their eyes, hands, and ears.

Why Choose this Child Care Center in Oak Ridge NJ?

Alpine Montessori’s strong academics are taught within a nurturing environment. The focus is placed on the emotional and social growth of the child. The staff consists of tenured faculty that has been with Alpine Montessori for ten or more years, and the low student to teacher ratio enhances the child’s development. Children are encouraged to grow and learn at their own pace. Alpine Montessori has been serving Oak Ridge for over 25 years, and before and after school care is available.