Having an Electrician in Frisco TX Rewire an Old House

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Home Improvement

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Poor wiring is one of the main reasons for house fires and that is plenty enough reason to hire an electrician in Frisco TX to rewire your old home. There are more than the one reason, poorly designed circuits can damage the motors of modern appliances and play havoc with delicate electronics that had not even been thought of when the house was originally wired. Lights can begin flickering if the circuit that they are on becomes overloaded with new appliances and there may be blown fuses or tripped breakers shutting down the entire system in your home.

Finding a qualified electrician is not difficult because they have to be licensed and the license must be displayed when asked. In most states there are two different licenses, one is a full master’s license and the other is a journeyman’s license. A master electrician has the right to plan, design, execute and maintain a system, a journeyman cannot plan and design the system but he can install it. Often a journeyman works with a master. To further add to the comfort you may need in undergoing a rewiring project, a permit will have to be issued by the building department and before the work is accepted it must pass inspection to see that it meets code requirements.

There are electricians in Frisco TX who specialize in house rewiring, there are also those who prefer to undertake new work and others who only focus on service calls. Rewiring of existing homes is quite specialized as the electrician will need to snake wires through finished walls and partitions, assess the power carrying capacity of existing circuits and determine whether additional circuits and a new panel board is necessary. The new panel board is where the circuit breakers go which handle new power demands.

Electricians with home rewiring skills can usually be found by asking a general building contractor, if not check with the home builders association or any electrical supply house. Once you have identified two or three electricians in Frisco TX that you feel may be capable of doing the job, first ask to see their state license and the proof of insurance. The amount of insurance will vary but a minimum of $500,000 liability insurance and workman’s compensation for himself and his crew are the minimums. If the paper work looks good ask for references and talk to people who he has done similar work for.

One way to assess the skills of an electrician in Frisco TX is in the way he does his work. Look for neat cabling around panels where half a dozen cables will terminate, see that they are neat and not all twisted and drooping. If this is what is visible, just imagine what is in the ceiling and walls, for future service the mess will make it difficult to trouble shoot.