Getting Your University Apartment Ready for a Visit From Your Parents

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Business

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You’ve finally moved out of your parents’ house and into the university apartments Chapel Hill NC, but your folks aren’t gone from your life forever. In fact, since they’re probably paying the bills and love you so much, you can most likely expect a visit from them at some point in your college career. When they do come, you’ll want to make some preparations for your place, so the visit goes smooth as silk.

Clean Up

All your life, your parents hounded you about cleaning up your room. Well, if they’re coming to visit, then it’s time to get to cleaning once again. They’ll probably know that your room isn’t always as spotless as you show them, but they’ll appreciate the effort and the responsibility that cleaning it demonstrates and may even reward you.

Prep the Roomies

Unless you’re living alone, you’re going to want to have a meeting with your roomies about your parents’ visit. Let them know when they should expect to see parents walking around and make sure they’re on their best behavior. Also, coach your roomies on what and what not to say around your folks to help you come out of the visit smelling like a rose.

Have an Itinerary

Making an itinerary is a great way for you to have some control over your parents’ visit. Without one, they might be hanging around your place all day where they could get into parts of your life you want to keep private. Take them on a tour of the campus. Show them the student hall, the library, and introduce them to your professors (except the ones that give you bad marks). In other words, show them the things they want to see, i.e., things that paint you as a dedicated college student.

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