Five Steps to Hiring a Basement Waterproofing Harrisburg Company

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Construction and Maintenance

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Choosing a professional basement waterproofing Harrisburg company is the best way to stop leaks and keep your basement dry. But if you hire the wrong company, you could end up with more headaches than you planned. Here are five steps to hiring a waterproofing company that you can trust.
Research the Company

There are several ways to research various companies online to see if you are getting a reputable company. The place to start is at the Better Business Bureau’s website. You can search the site for reviews and the BBB will also grade the company based on certain criteria. Angie’s List is another great place to find reviews of local companies. Reading some reviews will help you determine if you are choosing a company with the qualifications that you’re looking for.

Get a Written Estimate

When you are looking for a basement waterproofing Harrisburg company, you should get a written estimate for the work that they plan to do. Your estimate should have an itemized list of materials that will be used and what needs to be done. You should get estimates from a couple of different companies and compare the estimates.

Understand the Guarantee or Warranty

There is a difference between a guarantee and a warranty and you should understand both of them. A guarantee assures that the work the contractor does is going to hold up. A warranty goes a step further by promising that the company will come back to fix any problems that they worked on if the problem occurs within a specific period of time. Warranties are usually several years long, so look for an extended warranty of about 10 or 15 years or longer.

Deposit Amount

Most reputable basement waterproofing contractors won’t ask for a deposit before they begin doing their work. Some may ask for a small deposit. But if the contractor asks for a deposit that is more than 15 percent of the total price, you should choose a different company. If you are getting custom products, however, the deposit could be higher to pay for the more expensive products that are designed specifically for your basement.

Avoid Contractors with Scare Tactics

Some of the less reputable contractors will try to scare you into hiring them immediately intimating that there will be drastic damage to your basement if you fail to do so. If one of the contractors you’re considering tries this tactic, move on to the next one on your list.