Do You Have to Pay a Commission

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Real Estate

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There is a myth circling around the real estate world that has people thinking they have to pay a certain amount of commission to a real estate agent in order for them to sell or assist the with a purchase. This is simply not the case. The real estate commission is entirely negotiable. You can choose to pay whatever percentage you want, as long as it is in writing and everyone involved in the transaction is aware, it is legal. People think they have to pay a standard 6% commission and if there are two agents, they will split the commission. This is not the case.  When an agent works with homes in Morgan Hill, CA, they can request whatever percentage they choose.

Commissions are there to give the agents a way to get paid for their hard work. If your house is in a highly desireable area and people always seem to want to buy it, you may not need to pay an agent as much because they simply won’t have as much work to do.  You can offer to pay them any percentage you want and they can negotiate with you on that.  If you have an agent bring a qualified buyer, you will need to be clear about their commission as well.  Some homes in Morgan Hill, CA may require more work on behalf of the agent and can take a bit longer to sell. You can still negotiate with the agent. You can offer more and sometimes that can help move your property but that will not guarantee a fast sale. There still has to be a qualified buyer who wants to buy your house.

Homes in Morgan Hill, CA can be sold through an agent for any amount of commission that the seller chooses. It has become customary to pay at least 6% but that is only done because it has become acceptable. If you can find another company to sell the house for less, that could be a great way to save money at closing. It is crucial that they are a reputable company who will work hard for the commission even though it may be less than what other agents charges. It can be a benefit to you and to them.