Crane Ropes Supplier Providing Chain and Wire Rope Cables for Rigging Applications

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Business

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Rigging systems make use of lifting wire rope for the purpose of lifting and transporting heavy loads in conveyor and lifting technologies. These loads are spread out to multiple individual wires that together equate to a safe and efficient lifting arrangement. Wire ropes and chain cables are some of the most commonly used devices for hoisting and lifting applications. A crane ropes supplier can offer the type of wire rope cables or chain cables you need for your lifting arrangement.

Wire Rope Cables
Chain cables are generally more expensive than wire ropes they are a crucial element utilized for stationary equipment lifting operations. Wire rope is used to lift relatively large loads, generally in the range of 2 to 30 tons (4,000 to 60,000 pounds). If you need to lift a load that falls within this capacity range, you probably will need to use lifting wire rope.

When long and repeated service hours are required, wire ropes can be relied upon for their strength and durability. They are capable of lifting various types of loads within a short time frame of each other. They can also withstand and function effectively in the external elements of harsh weather and extreme heat.

You can find wire rope in varying configurations from a crane ropes supplier. Common wire rope configurations include 6×19 and 6×36. The configuration numbers indicate the number of wires that constitute a specific strand and the number of strands wrapped around the core. For example, a 6×36 wire rope consists of 36 wires in a single strand and six strands wrapped around the core.

Chain Cables
Chain cables are much easier to move them are cables to provide greater flexibility and can be used to alternate positions when lifting loads if enough room is available. The capacities of chain cables do vary, but they are often smaller than lifting wire rope capacities. Chains are more suited for lighter loads weight is often in the 0.125 to 5 ton (250 to 10,000 pounds) range. They are often used in small factory and workstation settings where lifts are conducted.

An experienced crane ropes supplier can show you some of the available options when it comes to rigging products for your specific application.