Complexities of Modern Homes

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Real Estate

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When a market grows, there can be a struggle to fulfill the demands from the market. With home construction, this is even more difficult because of the constraints on the product. New home builders in Houston have to work only on land that they can buy and get zoned for residential, and they have to meet a myriad of safety codes, as well as bringing the product up to code. This is on top of the time constraints new home builders in Houston face because building a new home takes a lot of time: Foundations have to be laid, the structure built, heat and air systems installed, plumbing, electrical, roofing, flooring, painting … all of these steps require time and commitment.

New home builders in Houston have to work quickly to keep up with a growing market and need to have various specialists at least play a role. Houses have gotten more complex over the past 100 years; time was that a house was mostly the walls and a roof. The kitchen would be more complex so a wood or coal stove could be vented. As home technology has improved, though, the difficulty of building a new house has increased. No longer is a log cabin sufficient, but we now use things like aluminum siding and fiberglass insulation, and in a climate like Houston’s, air conditioning is a must so homes have to be built to accommodate central heat and air. Of course, you could add central air to a built house, but for new home builders in Houston, it’s illogical to build a house without it installed or without the duct work installed to make central air easier. Other things we don’t even think about anymore we take them for granted so much are flowing water and hot water, all of which are part of building a new home.

The amazing thing is that with the growth in population and prosperity Houston has had, the new home builders have managed to stay ahead of the market to keep prices lower. Now the lower cost of land in Texas does help as no matter how pro-active a construction market was in the New York area, the cost of land would always keep the housing cost up. At any rate, even with the relatively lower cost of land, it’s impressive that new homes have been built at a fast enough rate to keep the price of housing down in the Houston area. New home builders in Houston are constantly looking for new places to build and sell to the ever growing purchasing market. This is helping drive the development of new towns and master planned communities, which are attractive to buyers because of the benefits and amenities they pose and to builders because they often have clear standards on the house.