Cable Management With Cable Tie Holder Products

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Business

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Various options on the market exist for effectively performing cable management among different applications. When it is necessary to run cable on heavy machinery, the installation of a cable tie holder in various locations is a quite simple process. The cable tie mounting base is easily connected to the surface and keeps the cables secure in damage free, which also protects the operation of machinery.

It is been a challenge to attach cable tie bases to metal surfaces in the past in a manner that is quick, reliable, and durable. However, the use of arc stud welding technology in connection with cable management services can be carried out effectively with an innovative hand-held weld tool.

Applying Cable Tie Holders
Cables fall under the category of a wide array of products. It can be a significant challenge to keep these cables organize and secured, in particular when a large number of complex cables – a mesh of cables – is present, each which must travel its own independent route. A cable tie holder is the perfect solution to this challenge.

Instead of relying on it adhesive, screw, or weld stud, a high-tech metal cable tie mount can be installed very quickly through the use of arc stud welding technology.

Different Designs and Options
With various designs and options available, including those with gas arc stud and short cycle weld processes, these cable tie holders can be installed in less than a second and provide a durable weld between the metal surface and the mount. They can be applied utilizing a stud wall system at approximately 3 seconds per cable tie mount. This represents a fast, easy, cost-effective way to run cable over structural components.

Wings that enable the cable tied to be inserted through the mouth to position the cable assembly or cable firmly in place are provided with the small sized mounts. In addition, you may take advantage of a single shot system which can be beneficial in lower volume applications involving metal cable tie mounts. Or you may benefit from a magazine fed system for the quick installation of tie holders.

For the cable tie holder solutions you need, contact an experienced stud welding manufacture.