A Legal Advisor Who Watches Out For You

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Legal

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Every business and professional organization needs to have a legal department that is dedicated to serving the needs of the company.  Legal professionals are a necessary part of today’s rapidly changing business world; without them, it simply isn’t possible for your organization to stay competitive.  Without a legal team, there isn’t anyone to tell you if another company has legally wronged you in any way.  Without lawyers, you won’t know for certain if there’s a situation that could create a serious legal liability.  However, some organizations aren’t large enough to warrant having an entire legal department.  Small and medium sized businesses still need to have someone looking out for them, which is organizations like these need to know a Business Lawyer in Modesto. 

A company shouldn’t have to be large in order to be served by a lawyer and a law firm.  In fact, it is sometimes the case that a small business that is just getting started has even greater legal needs than a larger, more established business.  This is because a small business only has a few employees, each of whom are very busy.  A large organization will have many dozen employees, so if there’s a problem it’s more likely that it will be noticed simply due to there being more people around.  People working for a small business may not know what form a legal liability might come in.  For instance, not clearing snow and ice from the sidewalk outside your business entrance can result in a citation from the city but if someone slips and falls, then there is a strong chance that the business owner will be held personally liable.  All kinds of liabilities can be found in even the best-run businesses, but it takes the experienced eye of a Business Lawyer in Modesto to spot them.

A Business Lawyer in Modesto will watch out for your interests in other ways, too.  Your lawyer can help answer any questions you have about complex issues that may have legal ramifications.  If an employee files a worker’s compensation claim for an injury sustained while on the job, for instance, it can be very helpful to have a lawyer explain to you exactly what your responsibilities are and what you as an employer need to do to complete the claims process. 

You lawyer can explain in plain, easy to understand terms everything you need to know about worker’s compensation, matters of liability, zoning regulations, business licensure, and so much more.  You can’t afford to be without the services of a Business Lawyer in Modesto!