A Drunk Driving Lawyer in Madison WI Can Minimize the Personal and Career Effects of a DUI Charge

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Legal

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A felony or misdemeanor DUI charge affects every part of a defendant’s life, including their short- and long-term career prospects. Because these charges become part of a person’s permanent record, they follow them forever. While all jurisdictions have different laws, in Wisconsin, one can expect to have their license suspended almost every time. Read on to learn about the lasting effects of DUI charges and to find out how a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Madison WI can help mitigate them.

Difficulty Getting Around

When a person has lost his or her driving privileges, they may have a hard time getting to work without help. Unless they have an on-call driver or can afford a taxi every day, simply going out to lunch will become a chore.


Many defendants feel ashamed and embarrassed after DUI charges. Whether it’s a first or subsequent offense, the proper approach can minimize feelings of shame and keep them from getting worse. A local DUI attorney will do what’s possible to minimize the lasting effects on one’s record and public image.

Job Loss

In some cases, a person charged with driving under the influence may not be able to work in their chosen profession. If a defendant drives for a living, he or she simply won’t be able to perform. Their monthly income will be adversely affected, possibly for a long time. Whether one drives a taxi, a bus, or a delivery vehicle, an inability to drive equates to being unemployable.

Searching for Future Work

When a defendant looks for another job, they may be asked about former convictions and an honest answer may prevent them from getting the position. Dishonesty isn’t an option, as background screenings reveal everything. A DUI severely limits a person’s professional potential for years to come.

Because every scenario is unique, the most effective way for a person to protect their current job and their future potential is to not get a DUI. However, if they’ve already been charged, they will need a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Madison WI to avoid conviction and minimize the professional and personal effects of the case. Visit the website for additional details or call the Gregory Wright Law Offices S. C. to schedule a consultation. Like us on Facebook.