5 Reasons Why Location Is More Important Than Cost While buying Property

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Real Estate

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Buying a property is not an easy process. Buyers have to consider many factors before taking a proper decision.

But one of the factors that often get suppressed in comparison to the cost analysis is the location of the property.
Here are 5 reasons why it shouldn’t be the case.

Price of Property

Two exactly identical houses can have very different prices solely based on their location. Buying property in prime locations like apartments in OMR Chennai is going to be much pricier because of the high demand compared to flats and land outskirt areas of Chennai like Thandalam and Padiyanallur.


A good community and crime-free neighbourhoods are highly coveted among property buyers. Helpful communities stick together in times of need and make group efforts to keep the area safe and secure.

Such neighbourhoods have a good reputation throughout the city because of which buyers are willing to pay more for safety and security.

Points of Interest

The quality of life is significantly improved if one’s home is close to their points of interest. Apartments in OMR Chennai, for example, are close to good schools, parks, shopping centres, and many other comforts which are beneficial for saving time and effort.

The proximity of these points of interest can also save a lot of money over time in terms of lower fuel usage.

Environmental Factors

One should keenly observe the possible negative environmental factors affecting them should they choose to live in an area. It is important to avoid living near factories, traffic-congested roads, or polluted bodies of water for the sake of everyone’s well-being.


A location having a diverse range of amenities for each member of the family is preferable among others.

The most important amenities for children are the ones that focus on indoor and outdoor recreation like daycare centres, gyms, playgrounds, and parks. These amenities enable children to socialize and stay active in their childhood years.

Looking for essential amenities, proximity to points of interest, safety, environmental factors and the price of the property, a buyer should make a serious decision centred on the location while buying their property always.