5 Benefits of Upgrading With AireFlo Air Conditioners in Port Charlotte FL

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Heating And Air Conditioning

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There’s nothing like coming back to an air-conditioned home after a long hot day, that is, until the AC loses its efficiency and utility bills rise. The average household spends more than 20% of its yearly electricity budget on HVAC, which can translate into hundreds per month depending on the home’s size and other factors. Read on to learn several reasons to consider a summer air conditioning upgrade.

Saving Money

Will Aire-Flo Air Conditioners in Port Charlotte FL help cut costs? Yes! However, savings depend on various factors, such as the size and age of the current system, the home’s shading and insulation, and the thermostat settings. An air conditioner is one of the home’s most power-hungry appliances, and it only makes sense to ensure that it’s energy-efficient as well. A new model can cut cooling costs by up to 20% in some cases.

Increasing the Property’s Value

Choosing the right size unit for the home makes a substantial difference in overall enjoyment and comfort. By considering proper duct sealing, door and window weatherization, in

Upgrading the HVAC system may increase the home’s value by 10% or more, as long as the unit is of good quality. When homes are sold, they’re compared to others on the market. A more efficient system can help a home stand out from its competition.

Breathing Healthier Air

New HVAC units have variable-speed motors that facilitate the movement of air throughout the home. This helps create consistent temperatures throughout the house, and it improves air quality by preventing the growth of mold, removing dust, and eliminating excess moisture.

Living in a More Peaceful Homesulation, and square footage, homeowners spend less money and time maintaining equipment and they live in a quieter environment as well.

Protecting the Environment

  Today’s rules require HVAC units to be extremely efficient, and an upgrade can help homeowners reduce their carbon footprint. With that said, though, not all units are the same. It’s important to choose a system that meets the Energy Star guidelines, because these models may be over 15% more efficient than standard units.

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