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Instances when Trees become Hazards requiring Removal

By: Alex
Category : Home and Garden
January 17, 2013

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Trees are indispensable to the environment. Not only do they complement a perfectly manicured landscape but they provide the shade on a hot sunny day. People are aware of the advantages of having trees in the environment; however, there are certainly instances when trees can become safety hazards. The problem of trees being too close to the house has to be addressed by homeowners but their disposal should be handled with care through tree removal experts in Madison. Removal of trees should always be a last resort and not unless you are preventing injuries, damages to the home or lawsuits should you go to the extent of tree removal.

Recognizing signs of danger
Some tree species should not be planted in parks and residential spaces like willows and silver maple because they tend to be brittle. Planting of such trees are encouraged only in open spaces where there are no threats of falling on persons or property. It can be dangerous once there is a storm as the branches can easily break causing harm to anyone in the immediate vicinity. Should your tree or a portion of it fall on a car, you as the owner will be responsible for the damages. If unsafe trees exist in your garden, your best option is call tree removal in Madison to evaluate the situation.

Trees can survive for a considerable number of years and it isn’t surprising that the tree nurtured by your grandparents remains to exist up to the present day. But while the tree has some sentimental value to the family, it can also succumb to serious health problems. The experts in tree service understand the signs when a tree is sick and dying. Should there be human traffic or property near the tree, Tree Removal experts can fell the tree without being a hazard to the immediate environment. Felling a large tree can be extremely dangerous and it requires the experts to do the job as they have the right tools and skills.

Root decay is one of the signs that a tree can be hazard; however, it can be difficult to detect except by a trained arborists. If a tree has decayed roots, it might fall over without any warning. It becomes important to seek the services of the tree experts from time to time to check on the trees not only for roots decay but open wounds on the trunk that can also lead to health problems. Trees on the garden are not simply left for nature to nurture. It is your responsibility to see to its health so as not to become a hazard.

However, tree removal is not only the solution since landscaping can be developed around the trees. It may require techniques like rerouting walks or moving the gazebo somewhere else. A tree is very valuable as it becomes the habitat of birds. If planted in a right place away from power lines and structures, it can lend charm to the environment. Once it is provided with the right kind of care, a tree will never be a hazard.

The best defense against hazards arising from trees within your property is proper care; however, in several instances when there is no other option but tree removal Madison area, seek assistance from

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