When to Pursue Ketamine Therapy

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Health and Medical

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Ketamine therapy is a great solution for people who struggle with depression in Jacksonville FL. Understanding ketamine therapy can help you make the best decision for you and your unique situation.

Safer Than Antidepressants

Antidepressants can often have side effects that are unpleasant, at best. If you’ve ever paid close attention to the advertisements or infomercials that promote products designed to help people with their depression, you may have noticed that the side effects are often worse than the effects of the depression itself. They can be as severe as death or suicide. This is due to how antidepressants affect the body. They often cause the brain to function in a way in which it was not designed. The influx of chemicals can cause the brain’s core components to operate in ways that can be dangerous. This can lead to becom habit-forming. This puts the patient at risk for a dependency that, if not maintained, can result in catastrophic issues.

Ketamine’s Advantage

Ketamine seeks to help get to the root of depressive disorders. It can even help undo some of the negative effects experienced due to taking antidepressants either improperly or for a long period of time. Ketamine works on the NMDA receptors, helping the brain function the way it was supposed to. This results in a much more rapid—and healthy—treatment solution. When your receptors are functioning the way they should, the neural signals are transmitted efficiently and in sync with how your brain is supposed to function. Ketamine helps you get your brain back to a state of homeostasis.

Ketamine Therapy is Faster

People who use ketamine injections as their therapeutic solution often experience quicker results than those who have to wait for normal antidepressants to work. A regular course of medication can take up to six weeks to begin to have a significant effect. Ketamine patients often report feeling better the same day. When dealing with depression, it is often a race against the clock. Time is of the essence, particularly because the symptoms can throw a person into a downward spiral. Ketamine gets right to the point.

If you are in the Jacksonville, FL area and are interested in learning more about Ketamine injections, you can consult the professionals at Ketamine Therapeutics. They have the knowledge necessary to tailor fit a ketamine routine with your situation. They can be reached online at the website