What Is Holistic Drug Rehab

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Health and Medical

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It has been discovered that holistic drug rehab provides longer-lasting results for drug addicts recovering from addiction than the standard treatment. Holistic rehab strives to provide a comprehensive treatment that incorporates the mind, body and soul in the recovery process. By incorporating a person’s entire being in the recovery process, the outcome is more likely to be successful. Drug addiction is more than a craving that needs to be satisfied to please the physical symptoms of drug withdrawal; it is a mental illness that needs treatment as well.

The Perfect Balance

The right holistic drug treatment incorporates the perfect balance between traditional medicine and holistic treatment. Traditional medicine is needed in many cases to aid in the withdrawal period. Detoxifying from any type of drugs is a painful process that can become life threatening, depending on the level of addiction, as well as the medical status of the drug addict. Having medical treatment and prescription drugs readily at hand to help a patient successfully get through the hardest part of rehab is imperative to successful treatment.

Holistic treatment is then used during the period during which the drug addict learns to live without drugs in his life. The level of holistic treatment that is used depends on the individual patient. Each patient gets a customized treatment plan that helps him recover the best. Most patients will undergo psychotherapy to help the mind recover from the effects of the drugs. The other holistic treatments used will depend on the individual patient.

The Different Holistic Treatments

There are a variety of holistic treatments that can be utilized. For the body, therapists provide nutritional therapy, as well as physical fitness therapy. This helps patients build up their bodies to help them resist any future cravings for drugs. When the body is nutritionally satisfied, it is better able to fight cravings that come from the mind. Other holistic treatments for the body include yoga and massage to promote relaxation.

Holistic treatments that treat the soul include meditation, acupuncture and yoga. These particular therapies are meant to help the mind become one with the soul, promoting relaxation and a healed soul. When participants are able to relax enough to reach emotional wellbeing, they will be less likely to search for ways to fill the void in their life.

The Success of Holistic Treatment

Treating the whole individual has proven successful in treating those suffering from drug addiction. Holistic drug rehab promotes long-term recovery with fewer relapses. Putting an equal amount of effort into treating the mind, body and soul helps drug addicts completely recover from their addiction, allowing them to move on with their lives in a more positive way.