What Are The Main Advantages of Using Manual Wheelchairs

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Shopping

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For every patient in a hospital, the first recourse to movement comes in the form of wheelchairs. These chairs on wheels help to transport the patient to places they need to visit. With science and technology advancing with every passing second, it is not a surprise therefore, that the traditional models of wheelchairs that you were accustomed to see in the eighties have been replaced with newer and better models today.

The popularity of automatic wheelchairs is evidently due to their power central and easy to control mechanism. But do not be deluded by the luxury of these models, as their heavy weight and technical snags can drive the owner crazy. In fact many a times, a family may prefer to keep both the types of wheelchairs at home. This is done to have a ready substitute that is more predictable and easy to operate, in case the automated version develops a problem in its functioning.

So you see, manual wheelchairs are still viable in today’s fast world, only because of the advantages they possess in comparison to automated models. Here is a list of the advantages that are characteristic of manual wheelchairs.

1. Unlike the power run models, these chairs do not possess the heavy weight centralized motor the generates power through a battery. So these are much lighter in weight than power run models. With better materials being used in recent models, you have light weight manual wheelchairs that are very easy to push. Some of the models are suitably designed and are easily foldable. This takes care of their storage and compactness during transport. Some other models are designed to serve both as a wheel chair as well as a walker. So if the patient is permitted, he or she can easily use the lightweight yet sturdy wheelchair  as a support while walking.

2. Thus, the range of models is unlimited and all you need to do is choose from the wide range available in the market today. Depending on the functional requirements and the size of the person going to use it, you can select the best suited model for the patient in our home.

3. They are less expensive models that cost a meager amount when compared to the automated versions.

Thus, it is a wise decision to go for manual wheelchairs, when the patient is in a temporary state of bed rest and is expected to recover soon. When looking to purchase manual wheelchairs, Orange County residents must take the suggestions of therapeutic experts while deciding on which model to purchase.