Unraveling Pain in Your Body with Trigger Point Massage Therapy

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Health and Medical

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Trigger points are a common problem for millions of people and likely affect people who do not even realize it. While they are most commonly found in various areas of the back, they often display themselves with referred pain in the neck. This type of pain occurs when an affected area causes pain in another seemingly unrelated area of the body. Trigger points or knots in muscles are caused by injuries or are due to overuse. Those who suffer from this type of ailment tend to notice a constant pain or increased tightness in a specific area, and if left untreated the referred pain can spread to numerous areas of the body.

Referred Pain Can Make It Difficult to Determine Where Your Pain Begins

In severe cases, if trigger points or knots are left untreated they can cause other symptoms to occur like numbness and tingling as well as burning sensations in conjunction with the pain that is already present. As a solution, trigger point massage therapy is a highly effective method for treating knots in affected areas of muscle like the neck, back, shoulders, and hips to name a few. When knots form in these muscle groups they restrict blood flow to the specified area and often impede flow to other areas as well. For this reason, once it has been determined you are suffering from this type of syndrome it is important to seek help from medical professionals like chiropractors or licensed massage therapists.

Finding Trigger Point Massage Therapists Near You

Trigger point massage is a therapy that is designed to target and isolate the specific areas of your body that are afflicted by utilizing applied pressure. Because these areas are tender this style of massage can be uncomfortable but, in most cases, people believe that the relief felt after the session is over is well worth the temporary discomfort. As an additional benefit, most patients are able to notice improvement to their conditions after the very first session. If you are interested in receiving trigger point massage in Setauket area, consider scheduling an appointment at Action Medical Sports and Rehab. Let their licensed massage therapists help you identify any trigger points you may have in your body and experience relief today.