Types of Car Insurance Shillington PA

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Insurance

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Since driving a vehicle that has no car insurance cover is a crime, every vehicle on Pennsylvanian roads today has an insurance cover. Insurance cover varies depending on need however; many of us pick car insurance blindly with just a focus on the cost in terms of premiums to be paid. This is however not the best way to select insurance covers, there are many factors that should be taken into consideration in order to find an insurance cover that will fully benefit you as a motorist.

Car insurance, Shillington PA comes in a number of policy options, the most basic type of insurance is meant to ensure that in the event that the risk insured against happens, all the basic expenses insured against are taken care of. Most types of insurance policies come with different premium rates since this is how the insurance gets the money to reimburse a motorist.

Some of the types of car insurance covers are;

 * Third party insurance: This is the cheapest insurance cover one can get and it includes payment for damage to other vehicles involved in the accident but not your vehicle. It also covers the medical bills of the passengers injured. On-going medical expenses such as visits way after the treatment are however not covered. This is the basic and most affordable insurance cover for the low income earners. Theft or any other problems with the care are therefore not covered under this policy.

 * Third part theft and fire insurance is another basic low premium insurance cover that has no much difference from third party apart from the fact that it has an added cover against fire and theft. You are therefore eligible for compensation in case of vandalism or if your car is stolen or if it catches fire. This policy however varies depending on insurance companies; some insurance companies may not even have such a policy.

 * Comprehensive car insurance is a car insurance cover that fully covers damage to your car, your passengers and any other liability incurred as a result of an accident. It also covers basic damage to your car such as broken windows, damaged to car audio equipment. Some providers include extra benefits as an incentive to attract more customers.

 * Non-owner car insurance is a cover that is taken by anyone borrowing or leasing a car, this is a kind of insurance that is only functional when the car is not in the owner’s custody.

 * Other types of car insurance, Shillington PA are short term car insurance, student insurance, female car insurance, and young driver car insurance. These are special types of car insurance covers for specific situations such as cars in the hands of learners.