Top Remodel Tips for Renovating Your Home

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Home Improvement

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Whether you’re looking to add value to your investment or just make your space better suited to your lifestyle, a home remodeling project can dramatically improve and update your home.  Depending on the size and scope of your project, doing the work on your own might not be the best course of action.  Hiring a professional contractor will allow you to go about your life and attend to your responsibilities while your project gets done by someone with skills and expertise in the home remodeling.  It’s important to thoroughly research and select a contractor who is licensed and fully insured; meet with potential candidates so you can find a contract you can trust and with whom you can work.

Before you start your search for the ideal contractor, spend some time thinking about your project.  Consider the reasons behind your desire to alter your home.  Do you want to modernize an outdated room?  Could the floor plan and space allocation better fit your needs?  Are you interested in adding value for an upcoming move?  It’s important that you determine why you want to remodel so you can plan your project to meet your needs.  Remember, it is your house; you will have to live with the completed project each and every day.  For added resale value in the competitive Los Angeles market, stick with changes that will appeal to a wider audience (bigger closets, more bedrooms, upgraded features, and neutral colors).  If you’re planning on staying in your home, you can personalize the space to suit your needs (convert that empty bedroom into a hobby room or walk-in closet, choose unique colors and design elements that you love).  Make sure your project plan will solve the problems you identified in your home. 
From small cosmetic changes to complete renovations, it’s important to be able to communicate your objective and purpose to your contractor.  Unless you find a contractor who is also a mind-reader, it is unreasonable to expect someone who barely knows you to ascertain your vision for your home.  Be clear and precise about what you want; if you’re not sure exactly what you want, look through home magazines or go to your local home improvement store to get some ideas.  At the very least, be able to explain why you want to renovate (not enough storage in the kitchen, wasted space that you don’t know how to best utilize, etc.) and then be open to and willing to work with his suggestions.  Your contractor is the professional; listen to his advice, but don’t let him steamroll your preferences (if you don’t like granite, he can’t force you to put it in your home).  When you determine your goals for your home remodeling project and find a contractor that can help you achieve those goals, you’ll get results you love.