Tips to Hire a Cab in Delhi

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Travel

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Delhi, being the capital city of India, welcomes a large crowd for different purposes like business and tourism. Also, being a historically rich city, it attracts localites as well as tourists on a large number. Government transport is insufficient to carry these travellers to each and every place they desire to visit. When renting a cab in delhi, following are the factors to consider:

* Number of hours you are hiring the cab for
* Distance covered/to be covered
* Facilities available

To make your cab rental a good experience in Delhi, follow the tips given below:
1.Inquire about charges: It is recommended that you inquire about the charges before renting a cab in Delhi. It will involve the distance covered and the number of hours.
2.Air conditioned or Non AC: Choose a cab according to your comfort, convenience and budget. Due to hot weather in Delhi, AC cabs are the most preferred.
3.Trustworthy driver: Always check if the driver is carrying his license with him, and whether he is trustworthy. Speak to the company and ask them to send a driver who drives safely and is well-behaved. If any issue with the driver occurs later, you can speak to the company regarding the same.
4.Check for the GPS: It is always better to hire a cab that has a GPS system. There will not be any chances of you getting lost on the way. If the fees is charged on the basis of the distance covered, then you will be charged much more than the actual price.
5.Timing: While hiring a cab in Delhi, it is important to speak to the company about the timings. It should not be that you are hiring a cab to reach the airport on time and the cab shows up half hour late. To save the hassle, it is better to discuss the timing and punctuality of the cab with its company.

Looking at the weather and crowd, it is preferable to hire a cab  in Delhi then travel by government transport or any other local transport. It is mot only convenient, but inexpensive too.