Throw a Fundraiser with Custom Chocolate Casino Chips

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Shopping

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Throwing a fundraiser can be so much fun especially if it’s a casino fundraiser. People can come from all over and play games with your custom chocolate casino chips. If you play with the chocolate chips, you’d need to be sure the room is freezing. That would compensate for the body heat from peoples’ hands. You could also choose to use real casino chips and then use the chocolate casino chips for a variety of other uses.

Party Favors
Non-profit organizations want people to remember them. The event is just a great big advertising effort. You want people to throw money at you but you have to give something back. Bags of party favors with your non-profit organization’s name stamped on your custom chocolate casino chips along with your company’s colors will end up laying around at their house or office. With those chips laying around, they’ll look at the chips and remember you and your organization. Fundraising goes much further than just the event itself. Your little pieces of chocolate will advertise further than you ever imagined.

Table Decorations
People love to sit around and chat. With little pieces of chocolate laying around, they’re bound to eat some. With edible table decorations, you can keep people at tables longer. It’s a great way for you to be able to hold their attention and talk about what you want. With casino chips, you continue the theme throughout the event too.

Sweeten the pot and have a big bag of custom chocolate casino chips as a grand prize win! Fundraisers are about raising money for the organization but that doesn’t mean that there should not be a prize. Make the winner a millionaire in chocolate. People that are there to enjoy the party and give money to your organization will appreciate the extra candy they get to bring home.

With the different ways to use your chocolate casino chips at a big event like a non-profit fundraiser, you’re sure to make everybody happy. Get those casino tables all ready and order your custom chocolate casino chips for the next big party. Those casino chips are worth their weight in gold and they’ll be extra sweet. With the way they melt in your mouth, you’ll feel good about having them at your casino party. Don’t forget to have some fun too.