The Major Parts of a Transmission

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Automobiles

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Your transmission is the link between your flywheel and what makes your wheels move. Sounds fairly simple. However, to make this all happen correctly, several things have to go right. Here is how they work together to make your car move, and this can hopefully help you decide which transmission parts you need to get if you are having a problem.

What the Clutch Does

As your engine runs, it turns a shaft. This shaft has a flywheel attached to it. The flywheel is a very large wheel, and it delivers a lot of power. For your car to move forward, the power from this big wheel has to get to your wheels—tires, really—on the ground. This is done through the crankshaft. However, for the crankshaft to turn, a disk that it is linked to it must be pushed against the turning flywheel. Then because the flywheel turns, the plated disk turns and hence the crankshaft turns. The crankshaft then turns gears, which eventually get the power down to the wheels and tires. The disk that goes against the flywheel is called the clutch disk.

How the Clutch Disk is Pressed to the Flywheel

The clutch disk is pushed against the flywheel by the clutch pressure plate. The pressure plate acts as the outside of a sandwich, and the clutch disk is like the ham inside. If the pressure plate isn’t doing its job, it’s time to look through transmission parts suppliers to get a new plate. The clutch disk can also get worn, however, and that can cause your clutch not to work properly. If it is pressed against the flywheel, but it doesn’t engage properly, your wheels won’t get the energy from the flywheel, and your car will not move correctly. Transmission parts suppliers can take care of that problem by giving you a fresh disk. If the clutch pressure plate is the problem, that can also be obtained.

A Rebuilt Transmission

Rebuilding a transmission is nothing like rebuilding a house. Different parts are pieced, bolted, and screwed together until all is good again. Transmission parts suppliers have everything you need to rebuild a transmission.

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