The Best Floorplans in Manhattan New York Apartments For Sale

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Real Estate

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The most common floor plan layouts offered for condos in the Manhattan area are on and two bedrooms. Regardless of which one you choose you are going to want to make sure you make smart use of your floor space. At The Broad Exchange Building in Manhattan, New York these two floor plans are being offered to residents and will be available starting later in 2019.

Maximizing Space Utilization in Your Condo

Whether you want a one or  two bedroom offering, you are going to want to think about how to make the best use of the available space. Here are some tips to help you on your way:

• Choose one or two larger furniture pieces and a few smaller pieces rather than a bunch of small tables and chairs that can become cluttered and hard to navigate around.

• Utilize wall space for storage when and where you can- hang utensils on the kitchen wall, use tower storage in the closets, and add shelving along walls in the living room.

• Use hidden spaces to store items not needed on a regular basis such as under the bed, under the coffee table, and the top shelves in the bedroom closet.

• Set up traffic areas and make sure you can get around easily without having to weave in and out around furniture, decor, and other items that take up valuable floor space.

• Get furniture that can serve multiple purposes so you can get by.  For example, one table for dinner, work, and visiting with friends and free up more space in your condo.

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Make sure you take the time to register today to be among the first to learn about upcoming sales and special events!  There are many apartments, condos, and other real estate opportunities waiting to be discovered in Manhattan. The Broad Exchange Building is a great option for those looking for a place to settle down and call home in 2019!

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