The Benefits Of Using Soy Candles

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Shopping

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Candle burning is a popular way to scent a room in your home. They can almost immediately improve the smell in a small area. They also provide a nice ambiance o light in a room. One of the best options on the market consists of soy candles.

The first benefit is the cleanliness of the burn. In traditional candles, they will produce a black soot on the sides of the glass because it produces smoke. Soy candles produce less smoke, thus make less soot. The amount of soot that comes off is minimal and is not very noticeable like with other candles. If you notice a soy candle leaving a lot of soot on the jar, then it might be a soy mix. You should keep an eye out for this to make sure it is 100% soy to get all of the benefits soy provides.

You may not realize this, but soy beans are grown in the United States. This means that purchasing a soy candle is helping the farmers in your own country. Because of the trickle down effect, by buying from American farmers, you are stimulating the economy and helping fellow citizens.

Soy candles also burn slower, which is a huge benefit. This makes them more cost effective because you have to replace them less often. They can burn up to twice as long, which really adds value to the candle. The soy candle will also fill the room with a strong and lasting scent. This is important in the candle world because you do not want to spend money on a candle, spend hours to burn it, only to find out it is not even scenting the area. They will also typically have a cleaner smell, which has been known to reduce headaches in people because it does not have added chemicals like other types might have.

While it is an individual choice on the type of candle to use in your home, you should strongly consider soy candles. Because of their many benefits, you will see why it makes sense to use this type of candle. They have not been around for very long and because they are so new, not as many people are familiar with them. But once you try them, you will hopefully be convinced that this is the most long lasting and best candle out on the market.