Structural Contracting Services: Using Steel

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Business

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When constructing any type of structure, companies utilize a variety of services. In Cleveland, it is possible for construction companies, engineers and designers to call upon a variety of sources to accomplish the tasks. The need may be to hire specialists in some areas or to contract out various aspects of the work. One area commonly subjected to hiring out is that of structural contracting. Services that are part of structural systems are categorized according to the material used for the construction of the structure.

Using Steel in Structural Construction
Concrete, masonry, and wood can all be integral to a structural system. However, a common and very popular material is steel. Construction companies employ a variety of structural steel in erecting buildings, bridges and other edifices. They rely on it to provide the right qualities to sustain the structure in its environment.

Structural contracting services companies employ low carbon and high manganese steels to address the demands of a variety of marine, engineering and civil construction projects. They utilize diverse cross-section and other shapes (including plates and sections) that fall within the parameters of the demands of the project while possessing the exacting specifications in two specific areas:

   1. Chemical composition
   2. Strength

The values for these two characteristics as well as size and shape are controlled in North America and other countries. It is also important to note that steel properties may improve, increase or alter with the addition of certain elements including:

   *   Niobium (Nb)
   *   Vanadium (V)
   *   Titanium (Ti)
   *   Aluminum  (Al)

Companies refer to these as high strength low alloy or micro-alloyed steels.

Structural Contracting Services

When it comes to building structures such as pipelines, ships, bridges, and buildings, companies rely on structural steel. They hire a company to handle the various aspects involved in such structural contracting services as are necessary to complete the necessary tasks. In many American cities, including Cleveland, the major material for constructing any structure is steel.