Protection following an Accident Comes from a Car Accident Lawyer

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Legal

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Motor vehicle accidents occur frequently. Insurance companies prepare to pay the least amount of money for each claim; this underpayment is the way they make profits. If one has an accident and suffers injury, he or she should secure representation from a Car Accident Lawyer and protect his or her rights.

Securing an attorney after an accident where injuries are not involved is generally unnecessary. However, if victims of an accident where it was not their fault suffer serious injury, Accident Attorney Auburn is essential. Some indications that suggest hiring an attorney is a smart decision include major injury that will last a long time, the other party to the accident being uninsured or under-insured, experiencing insurance company pressure to sign papers settling the matter quickly, or having a general feeling that the process is not proceeding fairly. Attorneys who deal regularly with car accidents have the knowledge of the law to argue fault, the experience negotiating to get one the best possible settlement, and the ability to represent one in court should the insurance company refuse to offer a fair settlement. If one who has had an accident experiences a situation where justice is absent, he or she should retain an attorney as quickly as possible.

Choosing an attorney can be a confusing process. One could contact the local bar association or rely on family and friends to refer attorneys they have experience working with. Once a person finds an attorney, he or she should make an appointment for a consultation. To this first meeting, the client should bring the police report and any letters or information from the insurance companies. At this meeting, one should ask questions about the attorneys experience, education, and participation in legal groups. Particular attention should be paid to whether the lawyer has represented insurance companies in the past. Should a lawyer ask for money up front in the form of a retainer, red flags should fly. Most reputable car accident attorneys work off of contingency, which means they make money from a percentage of the money they gain for their client. They should not get paid until the case is settled. At that point, they will receive usually forty percent of the settlement, in addition to any court costs incurred. The aid of an attorney will generally ensure a more positive outcome than trusting the insurance companies to pay everything that they should.