Protect Your Home Furnishings

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Home Improvement

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Homeowners purchase motorized shades for many reasons. One of the most popular is the convenience of being able to control all of their shades with the push of a button from a single spot in the house. But there are other excellent reasons as well. For many homeowners, one of the most important of these is to protect their furniture and other home décor.

Anyone who maintains outdoor furniture for their yards know that one of the most debilitating effects is the constant bombardment from the sun. The sunlight itself fades colors from many types of outdoor items over the course of just a few years. The heat of the sun causes temperature changes that can weaken and eventually erode all types of materials. This is a fact of life for outdoor furnishings, but can be a concern for indoor furnishings as well.

Savvy homeowners often choose their homes partially on the direction their homes face, particularly the sides with the largest windows. A picture window facing the east can be anathema to furniture, carpets, and wallpaper, and do comparable damage as if the furnishings actually were located out of doors. Over just a few years, the carpet can discolor, matching the shape of the window and any pane borders that exist. Expensive furniture, including fine wood pieces with expensive fabrics can all be degraded by heavy sunlight. Pianos placed in these locations get degraded keys, warped wood, and can even go out of tune. This is a difficult problem for those homeowners without motorized shades.

The main problem is that many homeowners are not there to close the blinds themselves during key parts of the day. Some decide that they just can’t risk ruining their fine furniture, and keep their blinds closed all day, even though they often end up feeling like they are living in a mausoleum. Others do their best to make sure that someone opens the blinds, but end up going to a lot of effort, and despite their best attempts, often fail or forget to close the blinds in time.

This is an easy problem to solve with motorized shades. The owner can simply set the timer on the blinds controller for predetermined shutter closing during the heat of the day. If they forget, no problem. These shades can be computer controlled and activated remotely through a smart phone. Using motorized shades eases the problems associated with protecting home furnishings.