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The concept of luck is one that has proven to be infinitely mystical and equally mysterious. There is no provided way that people can utilize to quantify that which is known as luck and thus people are then left to merely grasp at straws in a failing attempt to explain luck in any substantial manner. Luck seems to be nothing more than a product of consequence and timing. The things that seemingly constitute what is bad luck and good luck are merely functions of the situation and are if viewed objectively just irrelevant factors that people seem to give more credence to because it is their emotional connection to the situation that for them frames the event in either a negative or positive light.

The vagueness of the concept of luck however has done little to deter those that seek to benefit from being in its good favor. People continue to exercise practices that they believe can bring them a spell of good luck although it may truly be irrelevant. They seek good luck for things such as winning the lottery or in just about every gambling exploit. People seek to delude themselves in to believing that they can control luck or any form of it although the fact is that it is a completely uncontrollable entity. Bad luck is then sought to be actively avoided as well in society. People exercise practices as well that they view to be capable of discouraging bad luck in affecting them although they can prove to be just as empty an endeavor as there is.

Despite all this however people still adhere to luck and its effect on their lives and perhaps there is no more prominent manifestation of luck that is on the bad side than an accident. Accidents are just another part of life although they are admittedly an incredibly unpleasant one. Accidents can vary in their degree and can be both relatively harmless but can also be incredibly damaging. These accidents usually happen as a result of the marriage of unfortunate circumstances seemingly converging to form a union that is meant to only bring harm.

These accidents can be the events in people&rsquo