Personal Injury Caused By More Than Auto Accidents

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Legal

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Personal Injury Lawyers in Livingston are standing by to assist you in personal injury claims of all types.  Personal injury lawyers handle more than vehicle accidents; many people don’t realize that personal injury claims can stem from a variety negligent acts including dog bites, falls, product failure from poor engineering or design, or even water sports accidents.  If you have been injured in an accident financial compensation remedies may be available to you.  It is vital that you contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after any injury that comes as a result of suspected negligence.

New Jersey Law Holds Dog Owners Responsible For Bites

Over 60% of dog bites occur in children.  Following a vicious attack by a dog, children and adults alike can be subject to reconstructive surgeries, physical rehabilitation, and post traumatic stress disorder.  New Jersey law states that dog owners are responsible for any damage their dogs cause to others, regardless of whether the animal has bitten or attacked before.  Recovery from a dog bite can be a long and painful process.  Ensure you or your loved ones receive the care and compensation needed by immediately contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer in Livingston.

Personal Injuries Due To Water Sports More Common

During the summer months, accidents occur in public and private pools, lakes, rivers, and in the ocean.  In accidents that happen in pools often times can be head and neck injuries from diving into pools that are shallow.  In this case, negligence can play a factor in proper signage is not clearly visible.  Personal injuries can also occur when boating or using a personal water craft.  Slips and falls are common on both docks and on the decks of boats.  Injuries that come from water sports have special dynamics and challenges when filing for personal injury claims.  It is important that an attorney be contacted as soon as possible after the accident.

Injuries Stemming From Consumer Products Escalates

Recalls of consumer products have escalated significantly over the last decade.  Recently, baby strollers were recalled nationally due to their ability to sever fingers.  Injuries stemming from poorly designed products can be severe whether they are from toys that can cause children to choke, or even seatbelts or airbags that don’t work correctly or as advertised.  Product liability and personal injury claims are difficult to wade through and should only be guided by an experienced personal injury attorney with experience in the area. 

If you or someone you love has been injured through no fault of your own due to a dog bite, consumer product flaws or while enjoying water sports, you may be eligible for financial compensation for lost wages, past and future medical bills and pain and suffering.  Personal injury Lawyers in Livingston New Jersey act as your advocate to ensure you receive the necessary compensation to pay for your medical bills and the suffering caused by the accident.