Party Rental Ideas for a Corporate Event

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Entertainment

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Corporate events in Houston do not have to be dull and boring. There are several great party rental options specifically for corporate events that are fun and memorable. Here are a few ideas that will make your corporate event a success.

Mechanical Bull — A mechanical bull is sure to be the life of the party if you rent one for your next corporate event in Houston. All people can have fun riding no matter what their skill level. The controls are easy for riders to handle, and it comes with a safety mat around the ride to help keep riders safe.

Moonwalks — A moonwalk at a corporate event is a great way to include the families of your employees at your next corporate event. A supervised moonwalk will allow the children to have fun while the adults enjoy socializing and mingling. It is also a great way for families to get to know one another.

Rock walls — Rock walls are a great way to add a little physical challenge to any event. Guests will have fun challenging each other to climb to the top. The climb holds are easy to grip, and it is a safe way for all your guests to have fun.

Sport Games — Next time you hold a corporate event, consider sport games. These rentals are favorites at corporate events in Houston. You can rent a number of sports games, including a boxing ring, trampoline, basketball game, sports arena, gladiator joust, or t-ball for the children who are attending. Make it into a competition for even more fun.

Interactive Games — There are some great interactive games you might want to consider renting for your next event. One is the “wrecking ball.” With the wrecking ball, four players climb on top of inflated pads and try to knock each other off by swinging the wrecking ball!

Concessions — Of course, no event is complete without concessions. You can rent a number of concession items that will help your corporate event run smoothly and make it more fun for all your guests. Some great concession items you can rent include a popcorn machine, a snow cone machine, or a cotton candy machine.

With these party rental ideas, corporate events in Houston are sure to be a hit! Contact the party rental store for more information about rental rates and to get a rental quote.