Paint Dispenser

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Computers

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Paint dispenser is an automated machine that dispenses paint in a required quantity, specific quality and right colour as per the choice of the customer. There are about 12 to 15 large and medium sized manufacturers of paints in the organized sector and over 2,000 in the unorganized sector in India. The market for paint dispensing machines is very large due to a very large network of dealers of Indian paint companies. Marketing paint through dispensers provides substantial benefits to these paint companies like, the logistics and inventory management. A paint dispenser is used to carry out painting jobs on a commercial scale.

AGS Transact Technologies Ltd. is a leading company in providing paint dispensing technology. AGS has the largest market share in colour systems with more than 27,000 dispensers installed in India. Till the year 2001, the retail paint dispensing machines were imported. However, as the market grew; there was a high demand which could not be met by imports. AGS acquired the license to assemble dispensers in India from the multi-national company Fast & Fluid Management (FFM).

Functions of a paint dispenser:

 – Mixes and dispenses the right colour  and right quantity every time
 – Reduces the time taken to mix and prepare a specific colour
 – A fully automatic dispensing process is assured by advanced computerized controls
 – Gives out the right colour the first time and every time
 – Reduces labour cost and only requires skilled labour at times
 – Avoids spillage and wastage of the paint and improves production
 – Has a central mixing point ensuring the paint is mixed in right proportions
 – Low overhead costs
 – Assists in providing the exact colour that allowing maximum customers satisfaction
 – Better quality of paint is dispensed
 – Allows a better inventory management system