Not only for Natural Disasters

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Insurance

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You may consider home insurance in Naples, FL as something you should have in an area prone to natural disasters.  This is not the only situation in which you will need to have insurance.  Insurance is a necessity for any homeowner that wants to be sure they don’t lose everything if there is a disaster or they are a victim of a crime or someone is injured on their property.  Did you know that you can lose everything if someone is hurt on your property and they decide to sue you?

When you are taken to court in a lawsuit, the person brining the claim against you can attempt to have you pay not only for their damages but also for their pain and suffering.  This can be a large sum of money and without home insurance in Naples, FL, you will be responsible for every penny the judge orders you to pay.  You may think this situation will never happen to you but think about some of the scenarios.  If a piece of your house falls at any point on someone or their property, such as their car, you can be held responsible.  If you have a trampoline or other playground type equipment and a child is injured, you can be held responsible.  If you have a guest at your home and they fall off the stairs or off your two story deck, you can be held responsible.  Most homeowners want to have a safe home and may think they have done everything to ensure that but accidents do happen and if you are not covered, you will forced to pay their medical bills if they decide to sue you.

Home insurance in Naples, FL will cover your house in the event of a crime as well.  Not only will you be able to claim the items stolen through the company but you will be able to repair the damages done as well.  When you are finished with the repairs you can ask about a discounted rate on the insurance policy if you decide to install a security system.  Many companies will give you a discount when you make your house safer or if a police station opens close to you.  These are ways for you to save money on the policy but it is a necessity to have the appropriate type and amount of coverage.