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by | Jul 2, 2024 | Dental

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Dentistry by Design in Hinsdale, Illinois, offers a variety of aesthetic dentistry services including veneers and tooth whitening. They also offer other services like laser dentistry, TMJ treatment, fillings, and dentures. Dental bonding in Burr Ridge is a cosmetic procedure used on teeth that have small gaps, minor fractures, chips, or discoloration. The dentist coats the affected tooth with a composite resin made to match the color and translucency of the patient’s tooth. They then harden, shape, and polish it so it blends in with the rest of the tooth. With good oral hygiene, the resin can last for over ten years.

Facial collapse is a scary-sounding condition caused by complete loss of the teeth. After somebody loses all of their teeth, their body gradually reabsorbs the bone in their jaws. Fortunately, it takes fifteen to twenty years for the facial collapse to develop. The dentist can prevent facial collapse by installing dental implants, which are artificial tooth roots typically made of titanium. They bond with the jawbone and keep it from shrinking. Dental implants are capped with crowns to provide a natural appearance.

In mercury-free dentistry, the dentist uses biocompatible materials and composite fillings. Traditional silver fillings are actually an amalgam that is about fifty percent mercury. While the amalgam does bind the mercury, composite fillings do have significant advantages. For example, they look more natural than silver filling , since they can be made so their color matches the rest of the tooth. Teeth filled with the composite are less sensitive to cold and heat than those filled with the silver amalgam. Dentistry by Design also offers laser dentistry, which can be used for fillings and other treatments. Patients often like the laser because it is clean and makes no noise. It thus seems less threatening than the traditional drill. The laser also causes less pain than the drill – some patients don’t even need Novocain when undergoing treatment! To learn more about dental bonding in Burr Ridge or our other services, visit their website.