Motorcycle Accidents The Alarming Numbers

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Legal

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Thrilling motorcycle rides most frequently cause motorcycle accidents. Injuries sustained by passengers and bikers can be severe and often lead to death. Statistics provided by Michigan Traffic Crash Facts is worthy to note.

Reported in 2008 were 4,082 motorcycle accidents and 127 were fatal. An increase of 58.8 percent since 1999 or a 10 year period was noted. In Michigan, reported were 3,317 injured bikers and 125 wrongful deaths of motorcyclists.

There is a 15.4 death rate per 100 million vehicle miles travelled in Michigan. Compared to the overall 0.97 mileage death rate per 100 vehicle miles travelled this 2008 rating is enormous.

The noted rise in motorcycle sales indicates the increased number of motorcycling enthusiasts. Careful driving and respect for other drivers is paramount to road safety. But driving small vehicles puts a driver in vulnerable position than bigger ones. The proper licensing, training and use of helmets are put to waste when a motorcycle rider is hit by a bigger car or truck. The rise in motorcycle sales may be almost considered inversely proportional to rise in motorcycle deaths. Motorcycle injuries and death became prevalent with the rise of motorcycling enthusiasm. Motorcycle Accident Attorney Detroit MI noted this reported statistics.

Motorcycle Accidents Can Be Prevented

Most obvious disadvantage of motorcycles is not being “crash proof”. It does not protect its riders from sudden impact and are accidentally thrown off their bikes because of the impact. Foremost with lawyers is to defend and protect the interests of their clients. Motorcycle Accident Attorney Detroit MI determines vehicle roadworthiness or inferiority that could have caused the accident.

The fact that motorcycles are smaller than cars and trucks is a great disadvantage and risk. Disadvantage come in all forms…even during mishaps rescuers find it hard to locate the vehicle and motorcyclists because of their small size. The size makes them susceptible to accidents especially in bad weather conditions. Causes of injuries or death of motorcyclists are thoroughly investigated to find out if alcohol or speeding was contributory or a factor. Most victims will likely feel dejected after an accident, but excellent legal services will help them. Employing the service of Motorcycle Accident Attorney Detroit MI is an advantage.

Kinds of Payments Victims Can Avail of:

Payments suited to motorcycle accident victim.

1. Reimbursement of Rent
2. Medical bills, and any future medical bills Payments
3. Unconditional medical treatment, whether with or without insurance coverage
4. Motorcycle Repair or Replacement
5. Recovery of the victim’s loss of earnings and any future losses.
6. Reimbursement of  the Victim’s Daily Incidental expenses incurred
7. Maximum payments for expenses incurred on recovery from pain and suffering of victim’s physical and emotional injuries.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Detroit MI are legal experts who can make sure victims receive full compensation on:

1.  Medical expenses incurred during treatment to ensure full recovery.
2.  Payments compensatory to the victim’s losses; physical, financial, and emotional.
3. Motorcycle Accident Attorney Detroit MI facilitates victim’s claim of full compensation due