More Than Just A Needle

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Health and Medical

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If you’ve ever thought it was silly to be poked and prodded with needles for the sake of health, you are not alone!  Many people think of acupuncture as a less than credible way to be treated.  However, if you take the time to study the medical benefits of acupuncture and why it works so well, you might change your mind.  There are people all over the world, doctors included, who strongly believe in the ability of acupuncture being used to help the body.  The body is designed to heal itself and maintain health through proper nutrition and health management.  Using acupuncture in Canby, is an effective way to align the body and keep inflamed areas under control. 

Acupuncture uses needles in areas of pain or inflammation to increase the “energy flow” to that area. By stimulating this particular area, the body can isolate the nerves and problems and help heal it.  This targeted type of healing is a faster way of healing rather than just blindly taking pain medication. Utilizing your own body to bring healing is an effective way to treat pain. The thought behind the needles is that by pushing them into certain areas of the body, the receptors will be stimulated. It takes a trained acupuncturist to know where to place the pins to obtain the correct result.  When the pins are placed, you will feel it but it shouldn’t cause pain. That is the art of acupuncture. 

Two of the most common uses for acupuncture are weight loss and smoking cessation. If you want to tackle either of these problems, you should find a clinic that practices acupuncture in Canby as they will be able to assist you with these goals.  By using certain points on the body, a person can improve their digestion, cravings, and even increase their metabolism. This, along with proper diet and exercise can aid in weight loss.  Stimulating the body can increase the overall energy found in the body and that is a great way to jumpstart an exercise program.  Acupuncture is a great tool used for smoking cessation as well by again, using certain body points to alleviate the cravings. This can be paired with the discipline and the desire to stop smoking to create a successful solution. 

Overall health is a goal to be achieved naturally and it can be done through using acupuncture in Canby. This procedure will help your body heal any problem areas and begin to work in harmony within itself. When this happens, you should notice a difference in your body and begin to feel your best.