Mini Implants Benefits of Getting Them

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Dental

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Many people are choosing to get mini implants rather than full dental implants because of the numerous advantages associated with them. The purpose of mini implants Tempe is to secure dentures in place so that you are not embarrassed when speaking or eating. They are smaller than your traditional implants but they are made from the same materials. Their average size is 2-3mm, which is half the diameter of the full implants. It is made of a titanium screw that is secured onto the jaw and an O-ring that secures it to the denture. It is important to consult your dentist about your eligibility before choosing them as a solution. Some of the benefits associated with these implants that have made them popular include:

 *  Process is simple – The procedure is less intrusive than getting traditional implants. No incisions have to be made on your jaw. Therefore, the procedure is not painful. You can be given sedation only if you are anxious but not for the pain. For those wary of surgeries, this is an excellent procedure because it only takes your dentist an average of two hours to complete. The healing process is also very short. As soon as the procedure is done, one can resume their normal activities if the procedure had no complications. This is because the implants fuse with the jaw immediately. Notably, it is possible to get both the dentures and the mini implants on the same day. Although, some dentists might advise patients to wait for up to six weeks depending on an individual’s needs.

 *  Cheaper – This process is very affordable. Therefore, patients can easily afford to get several mini implants Tempe at the same time. Dental care is expensive and finding a procedure that will allow saving of money is an answer to many people’s problems.

 *  Effective – Mini implants are statistically ninety percent effective. This percentage is big because it means that you only have to replace a few of them after installing them.

 *  Convenient – Unlike traditional implants, becoming eligible for mini implants is easier. This is mainly because they require less bone for placement. People who have lost a big part of their bone from diseases can qualify to get these implants. Consequently, patients do not have to go through many tests to prove their eligibility. In most cases, it only takes one consultation meeting from your dentist to know if you are a candidate.

Like any other procedure, it is important to consult a qualified dentist to do it. The professional will be able to explain everything that is not clear. You are also sure that they understand what they are doing. This is vital especially if you are anxious about the procedure.