Maintenance of Well Pumps Connecticut

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Home Improvement

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If you have a well, you probably use a well water pump to supply your home or farm with water. Although these pumps are designed to last for a long period, they are subject to wear and tear. They may therefore not last as long as they are expected to. If you want to prolong their lifespan, you should ensure that you understand what it takes to maintain well pumps Connecticut. You can begin with the following tips.

It is first important to understand the type of well pump you have. There are two general configurations for well pumps. The first is the shallow jet well pump. This pump is located above the ground. It therefore sucks water out of the well from above. The second type is the submersible pump. This pump is placed within the well. The water is therefore pumped upward as it leaves the pump.

When you purchase well pumps, you should ensure that there is a warranty. This is vital as pumps may cause problems when they are first installed. Ensure that you purchase a pump with a warranty of not less than one year. This gives you an opportunity to observe the pump and ensure that it is running smoothly.

It is also vital that you find out about servicing from the supplier. Some suppliers will offer free servicing for well pumps within a certain period following the purchase. Make sure that you take advantage of this servicing for the stated period to ensure that your pump is running at optimum.
Even if your pump does not come with a deal for servicing, it is important that you ensure that the well pumps Connecticut are serviced at least once a year. The annual servicing will ensure that any problems in the pump are detected early and parts replaced before they cause serious damage of the pump. The servicing should be done by a professional that is familiar with your pump type and brand. The servicing includes inspecting the overall integrity of the pump, checking on its functioning capabilities, and checking the level of water within the well.

The latter ensures that the pump is able to supply the home with the amount of water required.
Annual servicing allows for priming of the well pumps. The pumps are also checked to ensure that water can move freely within the pump. Your pump will therefore work at optimum.

Although many people find hiring a technician for the maintenance of the well pumps adverse because of the expenses, it will help them save a lot of money in the long run. Ensuring that your pump is running at optimum reduces your fuel bills as well as reducing the chances of a breakdown.