Inmarsat Fleet Broadband Explained

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Consumer Electronics

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Q: What is Inmarsat fleet broadband?

A: Fleet broadband is a new technology developed by Inmarsat that gives you phone and web coverage worldwide except for the poles. This means with one device, you are able to text, tweet and update to your heart’s content, no matter where you are in the world. For those who travel frequently and often rely on multiple phones in various countries, Inmarsat fleet broadband is a welcomed innovation for smartphone devices.

Q: Is Inmarsat fleet broadband expensive?

A: As with any other smartphone, the best way to go about a plan for fleet broadband is with a prepaid service. This guarantees that you will have coverage no matter where you are and you won’t have a massive bill at the end of your travels. Minutes work in conjunction with your SIM card and are loaded to the phone when minutes run out. Adding multiple sets of minutes to one card can cause a bit of confusion and may sometimes reduce how long your minutes are good for. In most cases, minutes purchased for a fleet broadband phone are good for anywhere from a month to a year, but some are good even longer. As you can see, when you break down the convenience of fleet broadband and how easy it is to use worldwide, it ends up being well worth the cost.

Q: Are there Inmarsat fleet broadband promotions?

A: Yes. The best thing to do when buying fleet broadband minutes is to make sure you buy the maximum number of minutes you can. Often, for new customers, the prepaid minutes are good for up to two years and available in large quantities up to 5000 minutes. While the initial sticker shock may hit you, when you break down the cost per minute, these larger packages for new clients are the most affordable way to take advantage of fleet broadband.

Q: How do I load my phone with fleet broadband minutes?

A: Loading your phone with fleet broadband minutes is easy and takes just a few minutes. All of this can be done online and unused minutes are also transferred when you load the phone with additional minutes. The only thing that may change is how long the initial minutes are good for, since loading new minutes can reduce the expiry date of the existing minutes. Overall, fleet broadband makes it easy and affordable to call home from anywhere in the world.