4 Major Reasons to Call an Emergency Electrician for Residential Service

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Consumer Electronics

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Over time, your home’s wiring and outlets will suffer wear and tear. To keep your family safe, be sure to leave the repairs to an emergency electrician in Glenview. Some of the best reasons to call for emergency service include those listed below.

Frequent Power Outages

The electrical outlets in your home should easily be able to meet your lights’ and appliances’ voltage requirements. However, if you’re dealing with circuit breakers that constantly trip, or if the power goes out often, it indicates problems within the home’s electrical system. To avoid power surges and fire hazards, call an emergency electrician.

Electrical Shock Concerns

A functional electrical system will prevent dangerous and deadly shocks. If a circuit breaker or outlet shocks you, though, it means that the system is improperly wired or overloaded. As dangerous as electrical shocks are, you should call an emergency electrician Glenview to deal with them.

Wet and Rusty Circuit Panels

Water and electricity do not mix, and when they do, shocks are a common result. If you see moisture, rust, or corrosion around the home’s main circuit panel, it’s extremely important to consult an emergency electrician before repairs are made. By replacing the panel and removing sources of rust or moisture, the electrician will ensure that there are no additional safety and fire hazards in the home.

Burning Smells

When electrical wiring or components malfunction, they often give off an unmistakable, acrid smell. If you’re smelling burnt plastic, the home’s wiring may already be damaged. These problems may start out small, but they can quickly become serious. If it’s safe to do so, turn off the power to that area before calling an emergency electrician in Glenview.

Though electrical problems may take years to develop, they can get out of control in just a short time. When you’re having issues with your home’s wiring or circuit breakers, don’t try to fix them yourself. Call Current Electrical Contractors to schedule service or visit website for more details.