Implant Dentistry Reasons Why a Dentist Puts Implants in a Patient

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Dental

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When you are involved in an accident, you can suffer severe mouth injuries that may cause damage or total loss of teeth. Another unavoidable situation that causes the loss of teeth is old age. Loss of teeth inhibits speech and sometimes, it can be very difficult to speak and eat. This definitely affects dental health which may result to diseases. Teeth loss affects someone’s esteem and social life.

The solution to teeth loss is having implants. A patient who needs implants must visit a dentist Lake City. This procedure involves placing implants in the sockets of teeth so as to look like natural teeth. With implants, you are able to eat, speak and enhance your social life.

Implant dentistry is a procedure that requires you to visit your dentist several times. The dentist will be able to assess your health, gums and any other necessary preparations to ensure that the implants are safe. A prosthodontist is a dentist who is in charge of putting implants in a patient’s mouth. When you have an appointment with a dentist Lake City to get implants, you are advised not to eat before the procedure. When a patient has eaten, it is difficult for a doctor to diagnose the effect of a drug or procedure.

The first step of getting dental implant involves drilling holes in the jaw. The number of implants required will determine the number of holes drilled in your jaw. After drilling, a dentist places screws on the respective holes. The patient is supposed to stay with these screws for several months to allow new bone to grow in the gums. The new bone is responsible for holding the screws. You then go back to your doctor at an appointed time to check the progress. When the dentist is satisfied with the growth of the new bone, he will then place the implants. 

Implant dentistry is administered in different ways. A popular procedure involves putting these implants in the root canal. Screws are placed to support the implants. Implants in form of plates are a solution to jaw bones that cannot hold screws in sockets. This happens when the jawbone is weak or was severely damaged in an injury or accident. The implants are placed on jaws instead of teeth sockets.

Some of the reasons why dentists put implants on patients include:

Act as real teeth: Implants act like real teeth. They enable the wearer to perform normal teeth functions such as eating, talking and speaking. 

Permanent: Implants are durable and allow patients to get a permanent solution to teeth loss. Wearers do not have to remove their teeth to clean them.

Stabilize dentures: Implants not only stabilize dentures but they also support natural teeth against future dental problems.