How to Use Chocolate Gelt as Hanukkah Decorations

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Shopping

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The festival of Hanukkah was considered a minor festival until the 1800s. Today, it has become one of the most celebrated holidays in the Jewish calendar. Although it is a 17th century practice to extend gold pennies to the children to distribute it to their teachers, the custom of exchanging gifts and giving chocolate gelt is modern. Now that the aforementioned chocolate treats are a popular part of Hanukkah, you can use them to decorate the home as well.

Hanukkah Decoration Ideas with Complementary Chocolate Gelt

Given below are some of the interesting decoration ideas that involve using chocolate gelt as favors for the guests and children:

Star of David

Use Popsicle sticks, joined together with glue, to form the structure of the Star of David. Once the structure is dry and made strong, experiment with decorating it for the celebration. Use satin tassel or sprinkle blue glitter to decorate the star and hang it by the roof. In fact, you can make smaller ones and hang them all around the house. You can use customized chocolate gelt and hang them by the star for the children and guests to enjoy during the party.

Menorah Centerpiece

A giant and attractive menorah can make heads turn and also make others remember your party for many years to come. Light the candles on the menorah and decorate the base of the stand with different items pertaining to the holiday of Hanukkah. Use decorated dreidels, blue and white flowers, candy, etc, to cover the base. Also, use the menorah stand to keep party favors for guests. Use tiny gift boxes in colors, like blue, slate and white to pack chocolate gelt for the children and other guests. Stick name tags on each gift box and decorate with a satin tassel or tulle paper.

Blue Ball Ornament

Simply buy a giant blue ball ornament or get many in small sizes. While you can get Hebrew calligraphy, the Star of David and other Hanukkah relevant graphics imprinted on the blue ball ornament, fill these with gold foiled candy as well. Hang small blue ball ornaments from the ceiling with string and tag these with the names of the guests. Allow the guests at the party to take these with them while leaving.

Find a reliable and experienced retailer who can offer advanced customization of the gourmet treats at affordable prices for the occasion of Hanukkah. You can seek recommendations or visit the retailer’s website to be sure of his services before placing an order.