Hire An Attorney In Rockford IL To Assist With Severance Negotiations

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Legal

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There are several occasions that may merit the use of an attorney in Rockford, IL, particularly when severance negotiation is in one’s mind. When company executives decide to terminate an employee relationship but offer a severance package to the employee that is being terminated, there are certain rights that the employee may receive legal counsel for. These rights may include receiving a fair severance payment, obtaining any money that the employer owes the employee, releasing any claims, and safeguarding the terminated employee from disparagement. Hiring an attorney when the employer-employee relationship terminates can protect your rights.

A severance payment may be something that an employer is willing to offer some employees who are being terminated. If you speculate that the payment you have been offered is not what you should have been compensated with, you may want to hire an attorney in Rockford, IL. Doing so can help you obtain the money that your employer is bound to provide you with. Additionally, if you are already entitled to receive a severance payment, there is no need for you to sign a contract with the company in order to get your payment. An attorney can provide the analysis that can help you determine whether or not the severance package being offered is consistent with industry standards.

When an employee leaves the company, the company is required to pay all monies that they owe the employee. The money owed may be in the form of accrued paid time off or expenses that the employee has not yet been reimbursed for. The paid time off should be cashed out and given to the employee separate from his severance payment. If the event that a severance agreement was not signed, these monies should still be paid to the employee being terminated. Signed severance statements should include a date whereby the employer should pay for unused paid time off and unreimbursed expenses. An attorney in Rockford can help you to negotiate the severance package so that you get maximum benefits after you are out of a job.

Employers generally seek to obtain a release from the terminated employee of any and all legal claims that may be against the employer. Oftentimes these release agreements that are drafted by representatives of the employer seek more than they really should. An Rockford, IL attorney can help you get a more balanced release that can grant you some rights. It is generally not in your best interest to sign a document that releases the employer from your rights under COBRA, the right to obtain pension dollars that have vested, stock options, and unemployment benefits.