Getting brighter smiles with modern implants

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Dental

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Missing one or more teeth can make a person conscious of his or her outer appearance. Most people with such condition are less likely to smile around people and tend to hide their teeth. Teeth loss is caused by certain factors. It causes speech problems, stiff jaws and relaxation problems, weakening of other teeth, nutrition problems and inclination of teeth. But you may ask, “Is there a treatment available for such problem?”, “How can I benefit from such treatments?”

Teeth loss is a result of poor oral hygiene. People tend to forget to brush properly when they are in a rush. It is advised to brush twice a day and floss at least once a day. It is the standard operating procedure to avoid gum disease which eventually leads to tooth loss. A diet that composes of sugars, carbohydrates and     acids harbor the development of tooth decay. Strong impact in the dental cavity caused by accidents, trauma and rough play can also cause tooth loss. Smoking and tobacco aggravates gum disease that contributes to tooth loss.

People with teeth loss may be considered candidates for dental implants in Naperville depending on the dentist’s diagnosis. A dental implant is actually a device that resembles a tooth root made of titanium that is screwed to a recipient bone. This device supports restorations that resemble a tooth or groups of teeth that will permanently replace lost teeth. It is also used to support other dental prostheses which include crowns, dentures or bridges that are supported by implants. It can also be used as the foundation for tooth movement. This procedure is considered a form of Cosmetic Dentistry because it also benefits patients by correcting irregularities in the teeth that contributes in enhancing appearance.

Aside from enhancing physical appearance, dental implants in Naperville have other preventive benefits. It can help patients prevent further damages caused by lack of teeth. It is easier for food debris to get caught in the gaps. Cavities and other problems can affect teeth that surround the gap. An implant will prevent teeth from shifting which can cause agony and pain. It will also keep other teeth in place and avoid more expensive dental procedures. It is a better option over dentures and bridges because it is integrated into the natural structure of your bone and it looks and feels like it is a natural tooth.

Dental implants administered in Naperville are complex procedures, main reason why such dental process must be done only by professional and experienced dentists. Evaluations are done to assess if the patient is a possible candidate for the procedure. Success rates vary from case to case; however, dental implants have a success rate of up to 98%. Dentists are experts on this field. They are knowledgeable on the treatments available and they can help you decide which method work best for you. They can give guidelines on proper dental care with implants. They care more for your overall well-being and would do their best to keep you satisfied with the results. Find a dentist you can trust and get proper opinions for your situation.